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Onshore drilling rigs

2014/12/1 17:57:26

1. Onshore drilling rigs

This products covers 1000-12000m land drilling machines, including DBS AC variable frequency digital control electric drilling machines, DC electric drilling machines, mechanical drilling machines, compound drilling machines, drag drilling machines, independent electric rotary drilling machines, direct drive pumps, travel hoisting system, solid control system, electric control system and other products.



1) Self-propelled workover rig is designed for both double Drum and single Drum.

2) The Diesel Engine could be CAT, or Detroit while Transmission is Allison.

2. Rig components

The following components are API Specified with API monogram on.

1) Mat: API 4F

2) Substructure: API 4F

3) Drawworks: API 7K

4) Mud pump: API 7K

5) Hoisting equipments: API 7K, 8A and 8C

6) Rotary table: API 7K

7) Rotary hose: API 7K

8) Drilling line: API 9A

9) Tubular handling tools: API 7K, 8K and 8C

10) BOP and accessories: API 16A, 16C and 16D

The power control system and electricity system are designed as per the following standards:

1) API RP 500: Recommended Practice for Classification of Locations for Electrical installations at Petroleum Facilities Classified as Class 1, Division 2.

2) IEC 60439: Low-voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies

3) IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

4) IEC 60079: Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmosphere


                Draw works                                       Top Drive                                             Mud Pump


Main features

1) Both C. Emsco and National Oilwell designs are available.

2) The pinion and gear are made of alloy steel.

3) The extension and its keyway of the pinion shaft all meet API Spec.

4) The master Bushing is made of steel casting with API Standard square Kelly or Hexagonal Kelly as per Varco designs.

5) Mechanical and electrical independent table drives can be furnished.



1) Equipped with a Hydraulic snubber assembly to protect tools joints when making up/breaking out connection.

2) Equipped with the reliable safety devices on the hook.

3) The high stress parts of every hook are subjects to non-destructive testing.

4) The Hooks confirm to API Specifications 8A and API monogram can be used.



1) Combination of traveling block and hook together reduces overall length and can help satisfy the requirements of operating top drive.

2) The Hook blocks conform to API Spec 8A and API Monogram will be marked.


Higher ROP, lower cost

Best designed with capacity of higher flow area and sound combination of nozzles helps cleaning rock debris and ball. Sufficiently cooling cutters by nozzles with certain angle optimized by ANSYS. Independent developing tooth density selection system provides the optimum solution with improves ROP in specialized formation.

Select of Cutters

Quality of the bit is mainly decided by cutters performance. Thus selection of cutters fit for specialized formation is the focal point in bit design,

The Bits carries out destructive test for the cutters of each model to test the abrasive and anti-compact capacity. And together with data provided by customer, choose the best match-up.

Hydraulic Simulation Analysis

The Bits uses ANSYS to simulate the interaction between bits and well wall. Through complex calculation, simulate varies down hole condition, assess blades and nozzle, in order to optimize rock debris cleaning mode and cutter structure. This ensures the bit could maximize hydraulic performance and performance of bits.

Material Analysis

Strictly control of material. Direct-reading spectrometer to analyze chemical material composition and NDT to minimize fabricating defects. Metallographic analysis controls the interior structure after heat treatment.

Product Introduction

A Series

Designed for Conventional Drilling

A Series are applicable for most drilling operations, including rotary or downhole motor drilling. It utilize self chipping PDC, fit for soft to medium formation.

1) Asymnetric Blade design, ensuring working force equilibrium to provide stability.

2) Sound layout of cutter elements with different character, improving drilability.

3) Optimized well bottom flow design, improving rock debris discharge and preventing balling,

B Series

Designed for Directional Drilling

“B” Series are specially designed for directional drilling. It features good steering, stability, and side cutting capacity which highly ensures the drilling track.

1) Strengthening force balance design which provides good steering capacity.

2) Optimized cutter layout reduces bit working torque.

3) Special spiral gauge cover design which provide good stability.

4) Design according to hydraulic calculation better meets the well bottom flow status.

H Series

Designed for Complex Formation

H Series are specially designed for complex formation, with relatively long life, fit for sand stone, limestone, or soft and hard interbeds.

1) Special material for bit body improves bits, abrasive resistance and anti-flush capacity.

2) Sound layout of cutter elements with different character, improving drill ability and bit life in different formation.

3) Multi-functional cutting elements used for improving higher drill ability for interbeds.

4) Optimized hydraulic structure better suitable for soft & hard interbeds.

C Series

Designed for Downhole Coring Operation

C Series core bits with varies models, fits for coring in varies formation. We manufactures natural diamond core bits, PDC core bits (sealed core bits), impregnated-diamond core bit and mixed cutter core bits.

1) Arc Crown profile design and blade-style cutter layout.

2) Strengthened inner & outer gauge/

3) Optional collected groove or face discharge structure.

4) The design and production of coring bits for various coring tools are available.

E Series

Impregnated Diamond Drill Bits

E Series are specially designed against the status that PDC bits performs a slow ROP and gets a relatively short life in abrasive formations.

1)  The bit is made of impregnated diamond in replace of traditional PDC which provides better anti-abrasiveness.

2)  The bit body are sintered by special formulated alloy steel, which makes better blade-out while drilling.

J Series

Designed for Special Downhole Operation

J Series are specially designed for special down-hole operation, which provides directly effective help while handing down-hole accidents.

1)  The design and production of non-standard coring bits for various purposes are available.

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