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Gas Turbine

2014/12/1 22:08:01

Gas turbine

BPTC provide Steam & Gas turbines that have earned a reputation as the most modern, reliable and versatile drivers in the industry. Combining engineering expertise, robust designs and precision manufacturing. These turbines are built to perform and endure years of continuous service. The units can be built to API standards and can be customized to meet exacting customer specifications or other industry standards.

Our partners design and manufacture a complete line of steam & gas turbines for mechanical and generator drive applications and for all major services. They are designed for top thermodynamic and mechanical performance, for installation in chemical, petrochemical and industrial plants, provided as either stand-alone drivers or as part of an oil & gas complete turbo set.

With capacities from11.25 to 114.5MWGas turbine bring power to remote sites such as oil and gas fields. They do however find use in the major electricity grids in peak shaving applications to provide emergency peak power.

Gas turbine power plan

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