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Steel Rail

2014/12/1 20:49:47

Steel Rail

With100m rail on-line heat treatment line, all the rails can be heat treated in full length by utilizing the redundant heat of rolling, and is fully matching with the rolling rhythm. The microstructure of on-line heat treated rails is stable, the hardened layer is deep, and least likely occurring of metal loss. This line had owns several patents and is of international advanced level.

The main rail profiles are ranging from 50Kg/m to 75Kg/m. Also we can provide steel rails of different rail profiles and steel grades as per main international standards and according to the specific requirements of customers, such as BS 75A/R,BS 80A,BS 90A,BS 95N,BS 100A to BS standards, UIC 54E1,UIC 60E1 to EN 13674-1, 115RE,132RE, 136RE to AREMA ETC.

PG4 Rails:

PG4 is an alloyed high strength and high wear-resistance full-pearlite steel rail  developed for heavy-haul lines and small-radius curved lines. In 800m radius curved section, comparing with other1230MPa heat treated rails, the service life of heat treated 75kg/m PG4 rails is doubled, and the throughput can reach more than1.4 billion tons.

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