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2014/12/5 17:19:52

1. Crude Oil

Our firm specializes in satisfying the demand of crude oil at world-wide level. Through our wide network of crude oil producing contacts and their respective mandates, we can provide crude according to your company demands: Saudi Light Crude Oil, Basra Light Crude Oil, Bonny Light Crude Oil, Russian Export Blend Crude Oil,Bonny Light Crude Oil.

2. Fuel oil

Deals in international trade and domestic sale of fuel oil and finished oil; and also develops petroleum reserve steadily, enjoying broad development prospects. It has maintained close business relations with refining enterprises of Russia, Iran, Malaysia, Kuwait and so forth.

3. Muzut

SPECIFICATION : MAZUT(Heavy Fuel Oil) /M100 (GOST 10585-75)
Density at 15.0 deg. C Kg/l : 0.8900-0.9200
Gross Calorific Value : min9700 Kcal/kg /41300 KJ/kg
Ash content, not more % : 0, 14
Mass fraction of sulphur, not more %: 0, 5 Max
(- Low - sulphur - residual - oil )
Temperature of the flash, not less ºC in the closed crucible : 65
In the open crucible ºC : 110 min
The temperature of solidification, not higher ºC : 25
Kinematics viscosity content : 118 max
Water : 0.5%

4. Asphalt

Main operating import of Iranian asphalt

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