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High Nickel Alloys

2015/4/27 15:24:03
   Corrosion Resistant Alloys
   Our materials are used in highly  concentrted  acids  or  alkalis  attack  at extreme
   temperatures.Corrosive media such as seawater, acids, alkalis and salt solutions
   create rough, aggressive environments in which the materials used must have above
   average resistance and durability.

   High-Temperature Alloys

   Components exposed to high and ultra-high temperatures in modern key industries
   very often call for the use of innovative high-temperature materials.
 These heat resistant
   or high-temperature high-strength materials are widely used not only in industrial furnaces
   and heat treatment plants,but also in numerous chemical and petrochemical processes
   as well as in power generation and environmental engineering, for example as catalyst
   support for highly stressed all-metal catalytic converters

   Forged disc


   Seamless Pipe







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