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2015/4/27 16:35:34

Resistant to strongly corrosive environments

Zirconium convinces through its resistance to severely corrosive environments.
It reliably protects process equipment and pipes in chemical plants against attack
by highly concentrated acids or alkaline solutions.

Self-healing corrosion protection

Zirconium owes its excellent corrosion resistance to a passivating oxide layer (ZrO2)
which forms very quickly on the surface. This layer makes the material resistant to
practically all organic acids and alkaline solutions as well as to mineral acids.

Application profile

Zirconium possesses high chemical resistance, good machining characteristics and
 welding behaviour and is completely recyclable.These properties make the material
 suitable for a wide range of applications. In chemical engineering zirconium is used
 for  explosion-clad or solid  equipment, heat exchangers, valves, fittings  and  piping,
 especially in sulfuric and hydrochloric acid applications. Other application examples
 include equipment for the production of  hydrochloric acid, acetic acid and urea.

Zirconium is less suitable for applications handling hydrofluoric  acid, sulfuric acid in
concentrations exceeding 70%, aqua regia, wet chlorine gas, iron(III) chloride and
copper(II) chloride.

Application fields at a glance:

   Acetic acid production - MONSANTO carbonylation process
   Urea production (stripper)
   Nitric acid applications
   Sulfuric acid applications
   Methionine production (cattle food additive)
   Formic acid environments
   Strongly alkaline environments
   Hydrochloric acid, excluding ferric and cupricions
   Salt solutions

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