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Business Concepts

In good faith to serve the oil and gas, power and nuclear power,  infrastructure  and enviromental industries

To develop the long term and sustainable relationship with our business partners.


About us

BPTC is a group platform of: Manufacturing, trading, financing, engineering,contracting in some key business fields, including oil and gas, power generation, infrastrucutre, as well as environment.

We manufacture very special tubes for nuclear power industry and critical oil & gas field: Backed up by our shareholders of Baosteel, CGNPC, and China Energy, we become a key player in power and nuclear power projects inside China and in the world market; and we are doing CRA tubing for the onshore and offshore drilling projects.

We have the full knowledge of all kinds of OCTG premium connection (VAM series, Tenaris series, Hunting series, JFE series as well as Chinese series of BGT, TP-CQ, HSM, CST, etc.);

We are extremely strong at steel piping projects. We are serving for projects by major clients such as ADNOC members, KNPC, PDO,NIOC,SOC, MOC, Shell, BP, TOTAL,PVN, PTT,Suncor, Cycrude,CNPC,SINOPEC,CNOOC, ABB,Toshiba, Hitachi,Mitsubishi¡­¡­

For general trade and contracting, we are actively representing some most famous Chinese equipment manufacturers in various fields such as oil well drilling rigs, jackup, semisubmersible platform, pumps, compressors, gas turbines¡­¡­we are representing some critical products from Western manufacturer such as valves, and various process units, etc. They are either the best brands  of China enjoying mostly wide qualification by the above mention customers and contractors, or the very typical Western brands of world level. As a result of all the experiences and achievements from the above mentioned aspects, we are capable of getting involved in engineering services and contracting (EPC, BOT,BT, PPP etc.).; and we act as marketing agent (in particular market area)  for :

- oil and gas EPCs such as REPCO, PLANTEC, IOEC, COOEC

- power construction EPCs such as SEPCO, DEC, SEC,HEC

- chemical industry EPC such as Chengda, Wuhuan,

- infrastructure industry EPCs such as CREC,CRCC,CCECC¡­¡­