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we are able to meet the varied requirements of industrial, infrastructure and environmental projects, through forming workable partnerships between local and leading international companies, ensuring the expertise in each key area essential to project fulfillment.

1. Nuclear Power Engineering Services

Modular temperature gas cooled reactor

The modular high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (MHTGR), with its inherent safety, simple structure, high power generation efficiency, wide range of applications, and competitive cost potential, has drawn much attention around the world. As one of the six designs of Generation IV nuclear energy system in international nuclear energy industry, it is a new type of reactor that can well meet future power market demands, with following features.

1.employing ¡°all ceramic form¡± spherical fuel elements with TRISO coated particle fuel, which at a temperature of not higher than 1620¡æ are able to retain fission product release.

2.employing single zone pebble bed core configuration, with spherical fuel elements flowing down from above.

3.the core configuration can make sure that in any operational or accident conditions the highest temperature of fuel elements will not exceed its safety temperature limit 1620¡æ.

4.fuel handling system is by means of multi-circulation and continuous loading and unloading of fuel elements, specifically, fuel elements are loaded from core top, and unloaded through outlet at core bottom; After burnup determination of every unloaded fuel elements, the ones up to discharge burnup level will be removed and stored outside the reactor, and the ones not will be again loaded into core. The circulation will cause more evenly burnup distribution in reactor.

5.setting up two independent shutdown systems: control rod system and absorption sphere shutdown system; As both the rod and the sphere just fall by gravitation to shutdown reactor, reliability of shutdown systems are improved.

6.reactor core is surrounded by graphite and carbon blocks. There is no metal material in this area, so the reactor core components can bear high temperature.

7.reactor core and steam generator are separately placed in two shells, which are connected by hot gas duct shell. The three shells form a primary circuit pressure boundary, which are all cooled by cold helium, so they will not suffer high temperature.

8. reactor pressure vessel, steam generator shell, and the hot gas duct shell connecting them are all enclosed in a primary circuit vessel made of concrete; the primary circuit vessel is of ¡°containment¡± capacity, and is the third security barrier to prevent radioactive release.

2. Petrochemical and Oil & Natural Gas Services

Our main activities are in the design, engineering, supply of process plants and equipment.

Taking petroleum and natural gas to produce ethylene, propylene and conduct relevant downstream processing.

The company's organizational structure is as follows:.

The company is able to provide all of following engineering services:

As a qualified supplier, we also provide following package units:

3. Oil tube Inspection
Used drill pipes inspection and evaluation
(API & NS-2 portable inspection equipment can provided as well)
Drilling Rig inspection (NS-2)
OCTG mill inspection and running inspection
Pipe line inspection and evaluation

4. Metallurgy project

Makeing great progress in project consultation, design, safety assessment, supervision, and general project contracting and mine exploitation & utilization, etc..

Covering raw material storage&conveying, sintering, iron-making, steel-making, steel-rolling, ferroalloy, industrial kiln and furnace of the metallurgical factories; Coking Engineering.

The company has been involved in Baosteel, Anshan Steel, Benxi Steel, Shougang, Tangshan Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel,  Meishan Steel,  Wuhan Iron and Steel, Xiangtan Steel, Su Steel, Sha Steel, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Guangzhou Iron and Steel, Panggang Steel, Ning steel, and other major projects; Based on the domestic basis, the company also involved in  the project across the oceans, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia,  Turkey, Australia, Vietnam and other countries and regions construction, has accumulated rich experience in construction overseas.

4. Infrastructure Project

Undertaking Bridge building, Tunnel construction, Highway construction, Rail construction.